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We are confident that
Japan has ample seeds of excellent IT technology
that address rapidly evolving world market.


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    After identifying excellent IP and shaping up the technology and idea to be globally accepted business, we want to support the entrepreneurs to become possible to operate the company themselves. To accomplish this, we always try to make ourselves keep and enhance our unique ability of incubation know-how.@

      Our biggest strength is the ability to combine the knowledge, the experience, the screening capability and the wide network of the first class resources in both Japan and Silicon Valley.

  • Aisys has been supporting Silicon Valley IT ventures to penetrate into Japanese market. IT-Farm can utilize the experienced know-how and networks of Aisys for Japanese entrepreneurs to penetrate into global market.
  • The professional team, who are succeeded in their business under hard competition in Silicon Valley, join IT Farm to screen the business idea and brush up the business plan.
  • In Japan, first class resources, who have complete knowledge of the Japan and world wide market and wide networks in Japanese industries, also join IT Farm as advisors.

      Japanese government understands the mission of IT-Farm, and New Business Investment K.K. , which is a subsidiary of government bank, Development Bank of Japan, became one of the LPs of IT-Farm #1 fund, when IT-Farm established it in Apr, 2000.

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