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3DprinterOS provides cloud-based 3D printing management platform to prepare, fix, securely store, and stream 3D designs to 3D printers with data tracking and analytics.

Seattle, WA

VREAL will introduce revolutionary technologies to VR gaming.

Mountain View, CA

Presdo provides Presdo Match, the industry-leading event app with deep social networking capabilities, full event guide capabilities, and a built-in suite of marketing tools which helps event organizers promote their events, increase attendance and deliver ROI.

Palo Alto, CA

OTO labs will bring a new and richer user experience in action video shooting by presenting new generation device and ecosystems.

Portland, OR

In US retail rates are increasing with historic rates. But renting is still fragmented, unsecure, and unnecessarily complex.Cozy provides the first end-to-end rental management software for landlords and tenants, which makes the renting process simple, secure, and intuitive.

San Francisco, CA

Zendrive's mission is to make transportation safer and more affordable by providing data-driven insights and tools. Making roads safer and every driving experience better is a worthy cause in itself. Doing it efficiently, using the sensors of a smartphone rather than with bulky hardware solutions, makes it accessible to everyone. Doing it effectively saves lives and money, while opening up business opportunities in the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Palo Alto, CA

AIRDOG develops action sports drone that follows and takes the video of the user fully automatically. After their successful launch of the project at KickStater in summer 2014, they have won many demia awards including Engadget’s Best Robot or Drone Award at CES2015

Mountain View, CA

GraphSQL has built world’s first and fastest real time graph analytics platform. GraphSQL has put years of research in building this database and analytics platform from the ground-up using distributed and parallel system programming concepts. Some of the biggest mobile and social gaming, mobile payment, travel, consumer data and supply chain companies from China and US are valued customers of GraphSQL.

PowWow mobile
San Francisco, CA

PowWow is a Virtual Application Delivery Platform and Collaboration solution, freeing applications and data from the desktop. PowWow allows you to move your productivity applications to the cloud, making them available on any mobile device quickly and easily. PowWow adapts the gesture/touch, keyboard and UI layers, giving the applications a world-class mobile user experience while making no changes to the applications themselves and maintaining essential security and control. PowWow is the first solution to help companies mobilize their existing applications without any software development or additional infrastructure.

San Francisco, CA

adRise, a connected TV content distribution platform, builds VOD apps for premium content owners and monetizes them with TV commercials. adRise platform is device agnostic and covers Xbox, Roku, TiVO, Smart TVs & Blu-ray players (such as Samsung & Sony), tablets, mobile devices, streaming boxes, etc. Over the past few years, adRise has grown to become the largest provider of FREE TV shows and movies.

Advanced Telematic Systems
Berlin, Germany

Advanced Telematic Systems GmbH (ATS) provides state of the art technology for the connected car by bridging the gap between the IT and automotive industries. ATS consists of a highly skilled and dedicated development and consulting team with long time experience in solving problems in the IT and automotive industries.

Robin Labs
Palo Alto, CA

Based on the deep and accurate holistic semantic framework and context understanding technologies, Robin Labs develops and provides the new conversational man-machine interface. Their first product, Robin, is a personal assistant app that is directly provided to the end users through AppStore and GooglePlay. Robin especially provides the excellent experience in driving and loved by large and growing number of smartphone users. Robin Lab is also working with car manufactures and navigation system makers to realize true voice UI for the next generation automobile.

Shibuya, Sgubuya-ku Tokyo Japan

JTOWER provides the infrastructure sharing solution for mobile communication network. JTOWER's solution simplifies the indoor mobile network construction as well as coordination among involved parties, so that mobile carrier, owner of commercial complex, office building and condominium can drastically reduce the mobile network investment per site. The company has plans to provide indoor locationing service using this infrastructure and to expand its business to south east asian countries.

Haifa, ISR

Comprendi leverages Big Data to deliver actionable Business Intelligence to its clients. Their product has the unique ability to analyze both structured and unstructured (e.g. text) data and turn it into up-selling, cross-selling, churn reduction and other lucrative opportunities for our clients. Comprendi team is comprised of some of the world's top experts in Big Data, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing and our product has proven ability to deliver highly accurate results.

San Francisco, CA

Voxer is the integrated multimedia push-to-talk application provider for consumer and enterprise. It's untified communciation platform provides the full freedom in communication style, message broadcasting, media selection, and call timing. The service is popular all over the world and adding more and more users every day. The company is expanding enterprise business also for many mission critical communication needs

Surry Hills NSW, AUS

Posse is a local discovery platform with social search mechanism for web and mobile. While users can enjoy building virtual towns filled with their favorite places and share those among friends, local merchandises on Posse get their own dashboard showing customers activities, comments, and recommendation. Merchandises can also enhance their customer engagement using Posse dashboard by sending thank-you letter, invitation to events, sending gifts, and so on.

Zoom Video Communications
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Remote conference service featuring HD video, high quality screen share, mobile, and low price. The founder/developer of WebEx has rebuilt the engine which fulfill the new needs of cloud and mobile era.

UXF Co., Ltd
Hiroo Shibuya-ku Tokyo Japan

Team of deep experience and track record in consumer app business. The company name stands for "User Experience + Fun" and the company will introduce life entertainment contents to bring "Fun" in ever progressing mobile life style.

Bluewave Design Automation
Palo Alto, CA, USA

Developing new EDA solution for new generation of LSI/Package design in stealth mode.

Mountain View, CA, USA

RewardsPay lets consumers pay with their points, cash rewards, or miles from credit cards, hotels, airlines, and other rewards programs for goods and services at leading merchants. With RewardsPay, rewards programs can expand available redemption options while making it easier for members to use rewards for things they want, and merchants get increased basket size and sales conversions by providing an alternative payment option.

Red Hot Labs [Acquired by Google]
San Francisco, CA, USA

Startup by the developers of the hit game FarmVille and CityVille. RHL provides the facebook app promotion optimization & automation service, Toro.

Bubble Gum Interactive
Milsons Point, NSW, AUS

Bubble Gum Interactive is an independent game development studio which is focusing on safe and fun games for children. The company's management has a proven background in technology and children’s entertainment, and the development team has extensive experience in game development across multiple platforms including MMO and virtual worlds. They launced their first game, Little Space Heroes, at the end of 2011.

San Diego, CA, USA

Quippi provides a new financial services platform for international money transfers. The company is now developing the system and ecosystem in stealth mode.

Orinda, CA, USA

Ark.com is a search engine for people. With Ark, you can search for new people, old classmates, new business contacts, and even your friends. With over a billion social network profiles indexed, and using a modern architecture, Ark provided the most comprehensive people search engine in the world.

San Francisco, CA, USA

ContextLogic is a transparent Silicon Valley startup building a sophisticated content discovery and distribution platform based on state-of-the-art machine learning and natural language processing technology. In the consumer space the company's goal is to establish a new standard in the way users discover, interact, and distribute content. In the advertising space our goal is to build and deploy contextually optimal social, content, and search ad targeting platform.

Treasure Data, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, USA

Founded in 2011, Treasure Data will provide an innovative data management and analytics platform software as a service, to be used by customers having pains in managing web-scale data with existing database platform. The company is stealthily developing its core component now.

Mountain View, CA, USA

Founded in September 2009, Tango is a free mobile video calling service that connects people around the world with family and friends wherever they are. Tango offers high-quality video calling for iPhones and Android phones and works over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. Tango transforms the way people communicate every day, stay connected, and share special moments as they happen. Tango now provides the free video calling application in the App Store and Android Marketplace. Tango is based in Palo Alto, California.

POPS Worldwide
Phu Nhuan Dist., Ho Chi Minh City, VietNam

POPS develops, aggregates, and distributes media content, delivering it through cross-media platforms in Vietnam. It offers music-related such as ring tones and ring back tones to mobile users through a range of WVAS platforms over mobile networks and the Internet. POPS is also the largest provider of other mobile entertainment, including games, comics, pictures and animation, and other media services. POPS markets its services online and offline through telecom operators, as well as through non-operator channels, such as Internet marketing alliances, handset vendor partnerships and mobile retail chains.

Berkeley Design Automation, Inc. [Acquired by Mentor Graphics Corp.]
Santa Clara, CA, USA

Berkeley Design Automation, Inc. is the recognized leader in advanced analog, mixed-signal, and RF (AMS/RF) verification. Its Analog FastSPICE unified circuit verification platform combines the accuracy, performance, and capacity needed to verify GHz designs in nanometer-scale silicon. Design teams from top-10 semiconductor companies to leading startups use the AFS Platform to efficiently verify AMS/RF circuits. Founded in 2003, the company has received several industry awards in recognition of its technology leadership and impact on the electronics industry.

Broadtail, Co., Ltd. [Acquired by DeNA]

Based on an original and unique technology which delivers browsability and functionality on mobile devices that outperforms real paper, Broadtail Co. Ltd. offers media/advertising platform services best for mobile business owners. Synergizing the following two service cores, the company proposes a new standard of the next generation mobile web platform:
(1) a high-value added mobile business solution that allow business owners to capture and analyze consumer behaviors in detail than ever before, to empower buzz marketing, and to provide a real-time personalization service, and
(2) an innovative interface that stimulates end-users' desire for information-seeking and creativity.

GES Inc.
San Jose, CA, USA

Founded in June 2006, GES has rapidly grown due to its unique, and innovative outsourcing service model that helps maximizing profitability and improving customer satisfaction for companies in the semiconductor, FPD, solar equipment, and manufacturing industries. GES aims to provide its clients the highest quality and lowest cost service solution thru its turn key engineering, design, and manufacturing capabilities.

ubitus Inc.
Songshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Interest/event-driven content market is not fully recognized today with existing limited wireless messaging. With their state-of-art virtualization and distributed computing technology, ubitus Inc. aims to offer a software platform to unleash the power of ubiquitous devices across heterogeneous networks such as 3G/WiFi/WiMAX, and grant exciting experience for consumers to instantly share and access any content from the Internet and mobile social communities regardless of where they are and what devices they use.

Speecys Corp.
Roppongi Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan

As internet becames the infrastructure of our daily life, UGC based entertainments are becoming the main stream. Speecys adds internet robot as the new interactive communication medium to advance this trend. The company's robot system consists of biped robot HW platform, OS, protocol for motion control over the net, application server, and sample applications. This system enbales entertainment providers to develop and operate new generation entertainment services for YouTube generation.

Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan

The word "IP Telephony" became popular in Japan. But it's still a mere substitution of the conventional telephone. Harmonized System Inc. truly fuses current web's graphical interaction and real time voice communication. With the companies voice web-voice consolidated solution, customers can keep developing and providing new web services. The first product, "Web Denwa", is the solution creating a new way of the web marketing as well as new markets such as the affiliate business by call.

Looops Communications Inc.
Sendagaya Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

Looops Communications specializes in providing online community/communication platform solutions to corporate clients. They are recognized as the front-runner, and their solutions are deployed by more than 50 sites in various businesses. Looops' web application platform built on Ruby-on-Rails has great customization flexibility to satisfy diverse client requirements. Their most recent product, "Looops Social Ware - Enterprise2.0" integrates groupware functions with web2.0 technologies such as SNS, blog diaries, Wiki to provide a completely new way to manage information within an organization.

Extreme DA [Acquired by Synopsys, Inc.]

Process variability is inherent to IC design and manufacturing, however the impacts of process variations are increasing at each technology node. Traditional design methodologies cope with these variations by assuming worst case conditions. At 90-nm and below, designers are forced to use conservative guard-banding which sacrifices performance in order to control parametric yield. Extreme DA innovative technology enables precise analysis and optimization of parametric yield and design performance by accurately modeling systematic and random variations. Their solutions empower engineers to design for the full performance of their target technology node.

pcPhase Corporation
Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan

pcPhase is rapidly expanding its business of ASP service in mobile marketing and mobile EC. They developed mobile software of picture converter, flash generator and mail accelerator first in the market. Their system built over such element technologies enables them to provide real-time one-to-one communication for their ASP customers.  Their service has been widely used by many companies including Japanese major mobile operator and the biggest chain restaurant companies.

Accel Technology Co.,Ltd [Acquired by Marvell Technology Group Ltd.]

Accel Technology provides design and development service of optical storage system such as CD and DVD. LSI design, based on the experience of such system design, is another core of its business. The company is one of very few design houses capable to design entire system of an optical storage device including mechanical design, circuits and firmware.

Takumi Technology Corp. [Acquired by Sagantec]

Takumi Technology Corp. provides revolutionary DFM (Design for Manufacturing) tool chain that dramatically reduce the yield ramp up time and the mask cost for the state of the art LSI. In the process node at 130nm or below, the physical design of LSI is already reaching to the optical limitation of the available lithography equipments. To squeeze out the performance of the stepper, LSI vendors must apply quite complicated optical compensation technologies, such as PSM (Phase Shift Mask) and OPC (Optical Proximity Compensation), that drives the mask cost exponentially on the top of naturally inherited challenges to ramp up the yield of super-fine pitch LSI. Takumi Technology owns proprietary technology and know-how to, efficiently optimize the layout design so that it derives silicon with wider process tolerance with minimum cost to produce the optimized mask.

AuriQ Systems K.K. [Acquired by AuriQ Systems, Inc.]

Rapid expansion of Broadband has been raising the importance and needs of Web analysis for more effective marketing. AuriQ's has developed RTmetric, real time Web analysis system featuring epoch making high speed packet capturing technology. Only with this system, Web marketing becomes fully dynamic in trial-verification loop with real-time ROI measurement. AuriQ will become the marketing solution leader for the Web enabled Media-mix era.

Fab Solutions, Inc. [Transferred business to Topcon]

Semiconductor fabrication requires finer process and more layered structure. It also starts applying Cupper as the conductor material. Therefore, process inspection and diagnostic at each process of the front end is being essential to improve yield. Fab Solutions provides in-line and non-destructive monitoring technology and electrostatic discharge prevention technology, both of which contribute highly to improve yield in leading-edge fabrication process. Fab Solution also aims scientific control and management of Semiconductor fabrication process.

CyberStep, Inc. [TSE Mothers: LocalCode 3810]
Sasazuka Shibuya Tokyo, Japan

CyberStep realizes the new entertainment that connects people over the country borders by providing the innovative virtual platform for net-games and net-applications based on the integration of proprietary network technology and entertainment design expertise. The company is currently focusing on net-game and information-home-appliance markets. For net-game market, CyberStep has developed a real-time interactive net-game "GetAmped", and has licensed to Korea, China, and Japan to count total 10M registration and 500K players a day, and over 1M additional registrations every month. GetAmped is designed over CyberStep's virtual platform that embodies the technologies, such as process distribution over the network, delay compensation, and multi-platform technology.

IP Infusion Inc. [Acquired by ACCESS]

IP Infusion Inc. is a network infrastructure company. Their first product ZebOS is the next generation of IP routing engine software. Its scalable and distributed architecture enables rapid and safe upgrades to adapt emerging standards and requirements.