Enabling Japanese IT ventures lead the worldwide market

We are confident that
Japan has ample seeds of excellent IT technology
that address rapidly evolving world market.


About us

Aisys Experience

Our mission

Become a leading business incubator for Japanese entrepreneur who has technology seeds and business ideas in IT industry.

Create IT firms with rapidly growing and long standing value in the world market that capture the interests of top ranking venture capitalists in Silicon Valley

      It is sometimes said that there is no promising IT technologies in Japan. We oppose it. Numbers of Japanese researchers and technologists have been putting their all energies to develop new technologies. Such unique technologies have great potentials to become the key technologies of the world.

      At IT-Farm, IT specialists in both Silicon Valley and Japan execute the thorough screening over these Intellectual Properties, so that truly high potential IPs are picked up. With our experience and network built through real business incubation both in the Silicon Valley and Japan, we support entrepreneurs to quickly shape their ideas into the superior business model. Our global view point also helps the entrepreneurs to be free from domestic bias in their production.

      IT-Farm defines our role to bring Japanese IT-technologies and ideas into the products and services that can compete in the world market, and to contribute the society by doing so.

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